Friday, Jan 20th, 2012

Gitolite gives you finely grained access permission control for multi-user and multi-repo Git installations. To reduce future complexity and increase automation options, I've changed the gitolite.conf to accept multiple sub-conf files.

Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2012

If you've experienced the unending joy of attempting to make a PHP SOAP call using the SoapClass, you may have discovered XML node attributes cannot easily be created and passed.

Sunday, Dec 18th, 2011

A friend of mine is writing an iOS application which will communicate with a web server. He needed a basic JSON program to test out his code, so I wrote him this:

Tuesday, Nov 15th, 2011

I need to insert a key/value at a certain position in an associative array. It seems like a common issue. I was surprised to discover there wasn't a straightforward answer. Here is the method I created. If you know of a more efficient method, please let me know in the comments.

Monday, Sep 26th, 2011

A common issue when building a site in Drupal: you've got a $node, $vars['node'], or $form_state['node'] and need to render an image (with image style) from one of the fields. I am building a custom form in this instance, and need to show the first image stored in some loaded nodes.

Thursday, Aug 18th, 2011

Update: Dave Reid just added basic field token support to Token. Try the beta4 of Token ( before Entity Tokens. I worked out what needed to happen a few weeks ago, and finally wrote it up. I didn't realize there was an update the Token when I posted. Haha! Internet moves quick!

Wednesday, Aug 17th, 2011

I'm building an interface to simplify the user experience during content creation. Users select options in three <select> fields, then on submit, they are forwarded to the correct content type add node form for the options selected. Some of the values from the original form will be be pre-filled in the new node add form.
To create this new form, I need fields from the content types and user profile. Given a content type, field name, and field instance, this is the code you need to get the Form API renderable array for the field.

Wednesday, Jul 6th, 2011

Normally I work in Windows or Linux. Currently, I am working on an iMac. Rather than fighting years of muscle memory, I switched the Command and Control keys in the Keyboard preferences. Problem is now Control keys in iTerm don't work. After some research I determined how to send Control characters with both Command and Control.
Note: I know this could use some screenshots. No time right now.
Here is how to make Control-C work in iTerm when Control/Command have been switched:

Monday, May 16th, 2011

I need a page on my Drupal 7 project site to display within a jQuery modal dialog box. Adding content to a jQuery dialog is straightforward with the Dialog module. The issue was the dialog box needed to contain the contents of a Panel. Previously I've embeded Views using views_embed_view(), but I've never tried to embed a Panel. A web search wouldn't give me a quick answer, so I worked it out.

Wednesday, Apr 27th, 2011

If you are new to online video processing, you may be overwelmed with the available information. You or your client just want video on a website. The simpliest option is the use YouTube or some other free video host. Most companies won't like the idea though. They don't want to obviously advertise a separate product or business through their website. Entirely reasonable.


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