Wednesday, Mar 13th, 2013

I setup a private IRC server today on an Ubuntu 12.04LTS machine, but ran into some frustrations in the process. Hopefully, this can simplify the process for you.

Tuesday, Jan 15th, 2013

The Node, Views and Panels modules can (and should!) handle most pages you need on a site, but sometimes you need complete control of a "hard coded" content area. You could create a new Page node with a Full HTML text format. Instead, how about putting the whole thing in code? Your work will be in version control and much more straightforward to maintain. Imagine editing HTML in a text editor rather than in the Drupal admin! So much better.

Thursday, Nov 29th, 2012

Sometimes you need to script a git pull or you just want to completely reset a repo to HEAD. You there are loads of errors git can throw you in the process; such as error: unable to unlink old 'sites/default/settings.php' or error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout. Below is my take on the complete repository reset/clean/pull. Let me know in the comments if you've got a better way or find errors I'm missing.

Thursday, Nov 15th, 2012

Let's say you have a content type, containing a Field Collection which itself contains an Addressfield and you have to create the node programmatically. Complicated enough? Just imagine the rest of the content type I've got here! Below is how to do it without spending hours sailing the seas of che... PHP Exceptions.

Thursday, Nov 15th, 2012

Creating nodes via the UI in Drupal is easy, creating or updating them programmatically(in code) has always been a tedious. I've nearly lost my mind staring into the depths of a dpm($node);

The problem was the lack of straightforward API to handle the field level CRUD. You had to manually shove correctly formatted data into an object, often by comparing against an existing node's array. The correct old process went(and still can if you want!) like this:

Tuesday, Aug 14th, 2012

You must select at least one Language Detection Method when you enable translation on Drupal 7 with Internationalization or Entity Translation. The file provides the Default method and locale.module provides four itself:

Thursday, Aug 9th, 2012

The process of adding many users to a new Linux system can get tedious, especially if it is involved. So, let's replace the process with a simple shell script.

For this example, public keys are the only allowed login method. Password login is disabled, so the password is not set. The first step is to run set -e to stop the script on any errors. Next assign readable variable names, and check they aren't null. Next the user is created, and as the user the public keys are setup.

Monday, Aug 6th, 2012

Apache HTTP's mod_user makes /home/user/public_html/ directories web-accessible as While useful, it is often not enough. What if you need to access /home/user/public_html/project?

Tuesday, Jul 31st, 2012

Update 2/11/14: I've created an for Solr 4.6.x on Debian/Ubuntu. I suggest you use it.

There are probably enough posts the Internet covering Apache Solr installation, but here is multi-instance (not-core) Apache Solr 3.6.x with Tomcat6 for Drupal 7 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Perhaps it'll be useful for you. This setup is used on a development server to host search indexes for many development sites.

Wednesday, Jan 25th, 2012

Super quick answer: sudo yum remove selinux*

Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.x? Cannot generate SSH public/private keys with ssh-keygen? Me too!


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